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Abou Diaby Plays An Important Role For Marseilles Club

Many players often wait their turn to be part of the first team of their club or country. Some players often do not get to play the whole time of a match that they are picked to participate in.

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Petr Cech is full of praise with his teammate Mesut Ozil

Even though Arsenal fell short in their journey of winning the Premier League title during the 2015-16 season, one of the best players players in that season was hands down Mesut Ozil as the German player managed to provide his teammates with 19 assists which was more than any other player in the English League and was also able to score 6 goals.

When the 2015-16 Premier League season was over, Mesut Ozil was named as the Player of the Season of Arsenal.

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Abou Diaby’s injuries have destroyed his career

Abou Diaby was hailed as one of the most promising young players in the entire Premier League but things took a turn for the worse when the French midfielder sustained an ankle fracture back in 2006 and from there on out injuries have been almost non-stop for Diaby and this has hampered the career of the Frenchman.

Injuries have been so consistent and so dreadful for Abou Diaby that he has been forced to stay out of action and unable to play for over 500 days.

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AbouDiaby’s nightmare seems to be never-ending

AbouDiaby is a player who has continuously suffered from injuries.

Ever since he joined Arsenal back in 2006, injuries have been a factor which have seriously affected his playing time on the pitch and despite all of the surgeries that the French midfielder has done, injuries still continue to trouble the experienced player who joined Marseille on July of 2015 but he hasn’t been able to make a single appearance for the club due to these consistent injuries.

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Per Mertesacker says that he is disappointed

German international Per Mertesacker says that he is disappointed that Arsenal did not get the best out of his international teammate, Lukas Podolski.

After having originally joined Arsenal for around £ 10 million, the striker has been sold for only around £ 1.75 million to Turkish club Galatasaray. After failing to win the title last season, the Turkish club has also seen archrivals Fenerbahce make key signings from the Premier League like Robin van Persie and Nani. Podolski will be the key player for Galatasaray in the coming campaign along with Wesley Sneijder.

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Thierry Henry reckons not being able to buy any outfield Footballer

Thierry Henry reckons not being able to buy any outfield Footballer is something that Arsenal would really rue this season.

According to Henry who has netted on more occasions than any other player in Arsenal shirt, there was a need for Arsenal to add a few players to the squad to facilitate their bid for a Premier League trophy after a long period of almost a decade.

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After 9 years with Arsenal, AbouDiaby is released by the English club

From the past 3 years, AbouDiaby has made less than 16 appearances for Arsenal and his time has ran out as the French player has been released by the Premier League club.

AbouDiaby is a player who has always struggled with injuries and this has seriously hampered his playing time not only with Arsenal but with his previous club as well.

Before joining Arsenal, Diaby was a player of the French side Auxerre and injuries was a huge factor that made it impossible for him to become a player who can consistently perform at a high level.

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Arsene Wenger ran out of Patience with Diaby

Arsene Wenger has run out of patience with Abou Diaby.
As per the sources, the Arsenal manager has come to the conclusion that the playmaker’s time at the Emirates is up and he needs to be let go.

Wenger would definitely feel that he did not get as much out of Diaby as he would have hoped when he had signed him in 2006.

Wenger had to try hard to get the Diaby deal done. Chelsea also wanted to have the talented young player who was almost guaranteed to turn out to be a superstar, but, after a tough tussle, the deal was snatched by the Gunners.

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