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Marseille supporters are blasting Didier Drogba

Marseille supporters are blasting Didier Drogba for his claim that he has an emotional attachment with OM because in their opinion, it’s not true at all.

Drogba’s relationship with OM goes a long way back. It’s the club where the Football world had taken a notice of him for the first time, but, his debut season remained his one and only season there as Chelsea took him away after that.

But, several times since leaving, Drogba has talked up the possibility of his second stint at Stade Velodrome. However, one thing that he has always denied is that he would accept a lower amount to be a part of OM.

For OM’s previous hierarchy, it was very expensive to meet the amount Drogba was asking for. It was almost double the budget they had for a striker and so they were not able to land him.

However, the ownership has changed hands at Marseille recently and realizing that the new top brass might be a bit stronger financially and therefore might have a different point of view regarding him; Drogba has presented his case once again through media.

He has been quoted saying that he is keen to stay on the promise that he had made to the people of Marseille which was of a comeback and if the club is ready to provide him an appropriate cost for his services, he will be available.

However, Marseille supporters completely disagree. They reckon money should not have mattered much to the Ivorian if he had really been serious about the promise he is talking about, but, the fact is that he does not care about it at all and it’s only the fake attachment that he is trying to show with the club.