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Arsene Wenger ran out of Patience with Diaby

Arsene Wenger has run out of patience with Abou Diaby.
As per the sources, the Arsenal manager has come to the conclusion that the playmaker’s time at the Emirates is up and he needs to be let go.

Wenger would definitely feel that he did not get as much out of Diaby as he would have hoped when he had signed him in 2006.

Wenger had to try hard to get the Diaby deal done. Chelsea also wanted to have the talented young player who was almost guaranteed to turn out to be a superstar, but, after a tough tussle, the deal was snatched by the Gunners.

Diaby looked pretty different from the other young players when he first turned up in England. He had the elegance as well as the power, but, what has let him down in the recent times is his fitness. He has failed to keep himself fit for a regular period of time.

The Frenchman has spent weeks after weeks receiving treatment.

He has just managed to feature 16 times in the Premier League for the Gunners since the summer of 2011.

Wenger has always supported Diaby in the hope that at some point of time, he would play with full fitness and authority, but, it is not happening and the age is catching up too on the player now.

Diaby is not the oldest in the world, but, he is 28 and might have passed his prime.

And, in professional Football, you have to listen to your brains more often than not. You can’t just keep listening to your heart. Wenger obviously has realized that and he has apparently made the decision that Diaby is not going to get a new deal at Emirates.

Diaby has netted 14 times for Arsenal in 124 League games in total.