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Arsenal was knocked out of the League Cup after losing against Southampton with a scoreboard that displayed 2-1 after 94 minutes had passed and the final whistle of the match was blown.

When the match was over, there were a series of players that were put to blame in the squad of Arsenal as they made an underwhelming performance in the game which caused their club on suffering the rather surprising loss.

Tomas Rosicky had a fairly good match despite being the man that caused the penalty-kick, replays showed that despite Rosicky having indeed made contact and touched Sadio Mane inside the box, the forward from Senegal exaggerated it as he dived which convinced the referee on awarding the set-piece in favor of Southampton.

The performance of Lukas Podolski was still by far the worst of the entire match as the German forward played for the entire match and struggled on making an impact despite being switched around the entire pitch.

The German just doesn’t seem to be fitting in the plans of Arsene Wenger as he does not have the synergy to play alongside some of the latest arrivals to the Emirates Stadium. In every website that you enter and see the ratings of Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez had the best rating as he scored a sublime free-kick and even after scoring he continued helping out his teammates throughout the entire match but Podolski just appeared to be out of place as he ran around in the pitch without rhyme or reason like someone who does not know what to do.

The January transfer window is a few months away from opening and unless Podolski starts making splendid performances and scores crucial goals for Arsenal, he is a heavy favorite on leaving the Premier League club as the German does not have any influential or important role at the Emirates Stadium in the team of Arsene Wenger.