Abou Diaby Fan

AbouDiaby’s nightmare seems to be never-ending

AbouDiaby is a player who has continuously suffered from injuries.

Ever since he joined Arsenal back in 2006, injuries have been a factor which have seriously affected his playing time on the pitch and despite all of the surgeries that the French midfielder has done, injuries still continue to trouble the experienced player who joined Marseille on July of 2015 but he hasn’t been able to make a single appearance for the club due to these consistent injuries.

When AbouDiaby completed his move from Arsenal to Marseille, it was initially expected that the French midfielder was on the final stages of his recovery but when he joined Marseille, it was confirmed by the head coach Michel that Diaby was not going to be able to play with Marseille for the remainder of the season due to yet another knee injury.

Earlier in December it was announced that AbouDiaby was earning around €10,000 which is €2,500 each week and that amount of money could be a lot more but this is hugely dependent on the amount of matches that the French midfielder .

There are large bonuses in the contract that Diaby signed upon joining Marseille but they won’t take effect if he is out injured and unable to get in the pitch.

These injuries have taken a huge toll in the career of the French midfielder as he has spent a substantially long period of time out in the sidelines. During his final 2 years at the Emirates Stadium, Diaby was only able to make 2 appearances and this is mainly due to injuries more than anything else.

The supporters of AbouDiaby and of Marseille are hoping that the player can get back in the playing field and spend the last few years of his career playing at a high level before he eventually decides to retire.