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Abou Diaby’s injuries have destroyed his career

Abou Diaby was hailed as one of the most promising young players in the entire Premier League but things took a turn for the worse when the French midfielder sustained an ankle fracture back in 2006 and from there on out injuries have been almost non-stop for Diaby and this has hampered the career of the Frenchman.

Injuries have been so consistent and so dreadful for Abou Diaby that he has been forced to stay out of action and unable to play for over 500 days.

Since joining Marseille back in July of 2015, he has not had any kind of impact with the French club due to the injuries that the midfielder has consistently sustained.

The final 4 seasons that Abou Diaby spent as a player of Arsenal was so disastrous that he made less than 20 appearances in this period of time and the Premier League club eventually decided to release him and Marseille decided to snap him up but the Frenchman might have regretted this decision as they have even barely seen him playing with the rest of his teammates.

Abou Diaby was expected to be back in action during Marseille’s French Cup game against Trelissac FC as the Frenchman is available to play after having spent such a significantly long period of time in the sidelines.

Unfortunately for Diaby, he had to settle being on the bench as an unused substitute. The Frenchman was also seen in the sidelines during Marseille’s recent match against Saint Etienne.

From the looks of it, Abou Diaby is recovered from his injuries but is probably rusty and out of form after such a hefty time out of the pitch and this is why he is consistently being dropped to the sidelines.