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Thierry Henry reckons not being able to buy any outfield Footballer

Thierry Henry reckons not being able to buy any outfield Footballer is something that Arsenal would really rue this season.

According to Henry who has netted on more occasions than any other player in Arsenal shirt, there was a need for Arsenal to add a few players to the squad to facilitate their bid for a Premier League trophy after a long period of almost a decade.

The 38-year old told a website the other day, “You see what their current position is. They have been poor at home, yet to secure a win and a couple of times that they have had three points playing away, it’s the own goals which have helped them do that. So, that pretty much sums up everything. I am not convinced Premier League can be won this way.”

“Arsene, however, would have a different opinion. He backs these players and believes they have it in them to conquer the league. But, if you ask me, I have got no doubt in my mind that the signings were needed.”

“Arsene might have tried. But, it’s not always in your hands. The guy that you want must be willing to make a move; otherwise, the deal is never going to be done. Karim Benzema, for example, is at Real Madrid and is a regular. It’s hard to get him from there. The same is the case with Edinson Cavani as well.”

The Gunners’ fans have been furious with Wenger for the Frenchman not spending money for the right resources in the market.

It’s not that Arsenal has a weak squad right now. This group of players had helped the team secure 22 wins in 2014-15 Premier League and finish no. 3 in the table. So, the talent is there, but, with some more additions, the chances of clinching the top tier silverware would have only got brighter.