Abou Diaby Fan

Abou Diaby Plays An Important Role For Marseilles Club

Many players often wait their turn to be part of the first team of their club or country. Some players often do not get to play the whole time of a match that they are picked to participate in.

Abou Diaby was thus relieved when he was included in the match played in April for the full 90 minute duration of the game. Being a midfielder from Arsenal, Abou does not need to prove his skills on the playing field. However, with competition being high, often players still do not get the chance they want to play the full duration of a match or to be selected for a match in the first place.

The game where he played in Marseille in April was a qualifying match that helped his side to qualify for Coupe de France finals. The match was a crucial one and he was also able to play the whole match that helped his team to be successful. It was the first match where he played for the full 90 minutes after joining up the Marseilles club. Diaby, who is about 29 years of age, played the full match that was held on a Wednesday and the team supported Florian Thauvin who was successful in scoring the single goal that helped the team to win and qualify for the finals. It was indeed a crucial match and Abou was able to prove his contribution in such a match.

It definitely was a good start for him. Indeed, most fans often find their players sitting on the bench or being called off after playing in a match for a few minutes. These strategies might work in a team, but for players it can be frustrating. Abou was able to prove himself to the club and it would certainly mean more participation for him this season.